The Amadeus Project

Mission Statement

Directing multiple aspects of audio, visual, technical and performing arts, "The Amadeus Project" will collaboratively create, produce and disseminate a message of world peace in cooperation with others of like mind, by means of participating in a globally connected satellite broadcast television and media transmission system.

Prototype Multimedia Broadcast Facility consisting of:


General Markets
  • Educational Content
  • Entertainment Content
  • Documentaries
Special Interest Groups
  • Metaphysical
  • Social Issues
  • Education

Social Impact

Amadeus is aiming to refocus humanity on life rather than having viewers experience vicariously

Features & Benefits

Services Available

Outreach Program Inviting Content Proposals
  • Internet Website
    Existing Contacts
    Media Advertising
Production Financing Mandala Financial Consulting S.A. Manages:
  • Production Agreements
  • Funds Productions
  • Distribution Proceeds
Content Quality Control
  • Mentorship
  • Coaching
  • Editorial Advice
Production Development
  • Sound Stage
  • Recording Studio
  • TV Broadcast Studio
  • Theatre Live Stage
  • Video Editing
  • Graphics and Animation Studio
  • Internet Content
Marketing and Distribution
  • Independent TV Network
  • Satellite Broadcast System
  • Internet Content Delivery
  • Great Western Brotherhood University


Projects in Pre-Production

Miracles A Way of Life (TV)

The writer has developed an outline for a 52 episode series based on the internationally accepted "A Course In Miracles" teaching. Foundation.

There are 47 specifically identified themes in the ACIM lesson workbook. These themes, when understood and accepted, comprise a fully integrated belief system. This series will mark the first time ever, in the humanity's history that a fully integrated belief system will have been offered to such a large audience, in a medium so widely accepted.

The series presents universally recognized teachings, following the life stories of ten individuals representing the five root races, in settings reflecting each of the major world religions, and showing the similarity of the essence of each teaching and how this essence moves through life in order to evolve a human being out of an ignorant sleep-state into a fully realized being.

The ten individuals comprise five that integrate the lessons and how their lives unfold, and an additional five that refuse the lessons and how their lives unfold.

Nine Faces Trilogy (movie)

The famous book by Dr. Eugene E. Whitworth will be produced as a film possibly called "Command The Wind" and a sequel by the book name.

Money, The Movie

The actual title of this film is so mind-captivating the author wishes to have the title remain confidential until the film is released.

The film presents the history of money, it's evolution from a medium of exchange to a medium of diabolical control, power and corruption. It concludes with a global solution to the present systems bent on enslaving humanity.

Stage Performances

This aspect will be developed in the future by individuals keen on mounting such performances in a fully equipped revolving stage system, integrating digital television recording for live and taped productions.