Great Western Metaphysical University

Working with Mandala Village to utilize the available Spa, Clinic, Health Resort and the Amadeus Project, our intention is to open the university by mid-summer 2003.


To transform the delivery systems of human sciences education and to deliver a high calibre of Akętheosophical education that is grounded in both the sciences and the energetics of healing.

We intend to establish several registered foundations including:

The Akętheosophy Foundation, representing the Canadian association and The World Akętheosophy Foundation, representing the global association.


Discussing the GWMU and the dissemination of information globally, we must be aware of a complementary project called "The Amadeus Project".

It will function as an audio-visual technical and media production facility.

With state-of-the-art production facilities, the GWMU will be equipped with the latest classroom audio-visual systems. Connected to the Amadeus Center for Performing Arts by means of fiber-optic cable, the instructional courses will be recorded for posterity, as well as disseminated by electronic means.

Distance Learning

Correspondence courses will be delivered by mail or on-line by Internet, also including Video & Video Conferencing.

Internet based delivery accommodates modular courses where students learn at their own Pace. It is a very efficient delivery of world-class lectures by the high caliber teachers in every field recorded on VHS or CD.

Classroom Instruction

GWMU will offer experiential learning in traditional classrooms presenting seminars, workshops, and formal application of learning in a monitored Clinical environment.


Wellness Program

Courses were designed and supervised by Garry Gallagher. Garry Gallagher's extensive background in healthcare includes accreditation as a master herbalist. As one of the founders of the Wild Rose College of Herbal medicine, his experience will be of great benefit as we establish instruction in this discipline.


Dr. Eugene Whitworth, founder of the Great Western Brotherhood University in San Francisco has offered metaphysical courses, granting Ph.D. accreditation for many years. We anticipate having him recommend courses of instruction with a view to developing a comprehensive curriculum in metaphysical instruction.

Concept Therapy The Concept Therapy Institute in San Antonio, Texas offers many courses of studies in Metaphysics. It is our intention to negotiate with accredited teachers of the Institute for them to offer CT instruction modularly at GWMU.
Hypnotherapy One of the courses offered by the CT Institute.
Psychiatric Principles One of the many courses offered by the CT Institute.
Energy and Humanity A breakthrough experiential course developed by the author taking accomplished candidates to a point of preparedness to fulfill their life missions.


Details to be provided by faculty head, once hired.

Wellspring Release

A revolutionary energetic and spiritual release treatment for persistent twisting of bodies of a large segment of the population, invented by Maynard Dalderis, will be taught to hands on treatment practitioners.


A recent study has revealed interesting statistics regarding the overall community outlook towards a mainstream acceptance of massage therapies in our valley. We understand that there are more massage therapists per capita here than any other part of Canada, and, they're all busy supporting client's health needs. This supports our commitment to having complementary courses to massage therapy instruction included in our curriculum. Massage therapy is taught in the local community college.

Market Analysis

Society-wide shift to natural healing is already causing the demand to be greater than supply. It is our opinion that as the masses are affected by the evolutionary energies of the great awakening of humanity, our facilities will be established with perfect timing for the supply/need equation.

GWU will be offering a wide array of instruction and offering an integrated facility and curricula in a unique natural environment, this will place us in an enviable position as an educational facility.

Since our facilities will be financed in a most remarkable manner, (no long term financing to retire), together with an enviable bursary and scholarship program, we believe the cost advantage to students will allow us to choose from the finest candidates possible.

Mandala Village will be providing a venue for graduates and students alike to work and train in our spa, while in residency at the lodge. We intend to provide accommodation for guests in a resort hotel while attending at the Clinic. The GWMU will construct formal classrooms and residences for full and part-time students.