The Agora Centre

An exciting, new, and innovative clinic providing unique opportunities for natural medicine, healing, personal and spiritual development and educational programming.

The inherent intention of The Agora Centre is that of being a truly professional, world class, integrated activity designed to address the growing demand for informed, comprehensive and customized health care, personal development and education. Developed by Vancouver-based social entrepreneur and visionary, Maggie Gold, The Agora Centre is expanded in concept from a health centre model she prototyped in Portugal in the early 1990's.

Meeting Human Needs

The word "Agora" originates in Socratic Greece and describes a large open city square encompassing an assembly and marketplace. Surrounded by splendid temples, halls of justice, medicine, and other public offices as well as a concert hall and gymnasium, it became the founding concept of European civilization.

We propose that The Agora Centre is the new founding concept for natural health care, personal and spiritual development and education.

In a ground breaking study published by Canadian-born Dr. Paul Ray of the American Lives Institute, it was determined that 50,000,000 Americans, termed Cultural Creatives, are values-based, concerned about health and the environment, and have an annual income of USD $60,000 or more. This group purchases the largest share of complementary health care generating some USD $4 billion in economic activity per annum. The personal development field is equally prosperous and shows every indication of increased activity. The study on cultural creatives is American based, however Dr. Ray projects there are approximately 5,000,000 Canadian cultural creatives with similar values and purchasing habits. Cultural creatives have now formed the largest consumer group in the United States.

A similar project to The Agora Centre is being developed in New York City with a collaborative partner who also identified the increasing demand for this viable model. A long range objective is to have many of these centres in various cities.

Providing Exceptional Service

The Centre provides a unique and effective way in which members can improve existing health conditions, maintain good health and develop the lifestyle they desire. Each member is assigned a professional who customizes a health and personal development plan with the individual. Similar to personal coaches, the professional monitors progress and adjusts the plan to provide the member with desired results.

The Centre offers memberships and provides three dynamic programs to address the holistic needs of its members and target audiences.

Agora Natural Healing Centre

Members access both Eastern and Western healing modalities including Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Energy & Vibrational Medicine, Massage, and Aromatherapy. A Pilates studio, Healthy Snack & Juice Bar, Dispensary, Sauna, Yoga and T'ai Chi classes, plus a Resource Centre, Bookstore and Meditation Room all contribute to provide a wonderful environment supportive of increased health and well-being, preventive care and maintenance. A second phase expansion supports additional modalities such as Magnetic Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Advanced Integrative Cancer Care and Chelation Therapy. Members benefit from individualized programs designed to ensure effective treatment and maintenance, and visitors and tourists appreciate special packages well suited to their time schedules and budgets.

Agora Personal Mastery Program

Members benefit from the opportunity to increase their knowledge and self-mastery to create the lifestyle they desire. Each program is customized and assigned to individuals based on experience level and desired outcomes. In addition to their physical and medical workup, members may wish to include special activities such as meditation, energy work, visioning, lifestyle management, conflict resolution and communication skills as well as attending seminars, lectures and workshops. This program is also made available through an interactive website and via teleconferencing and teleclasses.

Agora Knowledge Program

In partnership with other organizations and businesses in the Northwest, the Program provides exciting and innovative lectures, seminars, presentations and advanced workshops by prominent visiting speakers. Selected lectures via audio and video will be accessed through a website. An active family and children's program is being developed. Publicity and broadcasting of all special events and seminars will be provided via webcast by The Voices of One Earth, an in-house Internet radio station.

Maggie Gold, the author of this proposal, is exploring the possibility of working with  Mandala Village on implementing this concept into the healing centre.

last changed 02/13/02