In considering the healing arts and the fact of the bureaucracies ruling over individuals intent on healing those in need, we intend to create a synthesis or joining of healing modalities into a new and integrated healing form called "Akętheolocee" (pronounced a-kay-thee-olo-see).

Respecting each person's individuality, we intend to offer instruction in the healing arts by offering modules of effective healing techniques, which when learned will result in accreditation as an Akętheolist.

We recognize each individual's right to apply himself or herself to healing others as an innate God-given gift. The Great Western Metaphysical University will provide aspiring healers with tools they naturally are attracted to, allowing them to choose from a wide array of modules that fit their specific interest at that time. This supports the proven Wondertree philosophy that individuals learn best when self-motivated.

Akętheolocee Credo:

To become realigned with God within, leading to the revelation of the true nature of man, that of grace, and innate perfection.

Akętheolocee is an integrated process of multi-disciplinary healing through which we reveal the truth of human perfection. Akętheos (= 6-2-8) is a newly created word integrating the Greek form, "Akę", which means "healing" and "Theos", which means "God". We have by joining the two representations, "Healing from God". Hence, Akętheolocee (= 6-9-6), meaning the study of the art of healing using the healing energies of God.

Akętheolist = a practitioner of healing with the energies of God.