Healing Waters of the World

Can you imagine attending the world's most famous spas, famous for their healing waters? Can you  imagine resting, healing and rejuvenating yourself in the famous waters of Lourdes? Can  you imagine clearing your mind and spirit in the world famous Lithium waters of Halcyon Hot Springs? Can you imagine restoring your tired and aching body in waters the quality of world famous Radium Hot Springs? Can you imagine experiencing all of these and more, in one totally healing environment? Mandala Village Healing Center will offer all of these and more in one pristine and natural setting. 

We have been approached by masters of water technology who tell us that the energetic signatures of the greatest healing waters of the world can be duplicated at will. Mandala Village intends to create a single spa setting where the various world-renowned healing waters can be experienced in one location. The directors of Mandala Village Foundation extend an open invitation to suggestions and participation in creating this reality.

The design and functional layout of the rejuvenation centre will be a collaborative process resulting in a fully integrated spa facility. Plan to attend and support the Mandala Village Project.

last changed 02/13/02