Mandala Financial Consulting

Mandala Financial Consulting is considered an Ethical Venture Capital management group.

Client & Donor Liaison

MFC's principals have a fine track record as a result of years of experience in the area of business management and administration. Each principal brings complementary skills to assist in maintaining clear and effective communication between clients, and donors alike.

Administer Funds Placement

In the process of venture capital management MFC will manage the disbursements of capital into projects in its portfolio.

Manage Contractual Relationships

Aspects of venture capital management that require expertise in contract management and legal opinions/procedures will be managed by "in-house" legal counsel, and monitoring systems will be in place to assure the success of each venture.

Venture Funds

MFC will receive funds from MVF to facilitate venture capital flow. Its tasks do not involve capital enhancement procedures, only the proper distribution into ventures.

Find Worthwhile Projects

MFC will perform research into new technologies that may enhance the quality of life at intentional communities.

Management Consulting

The principals of MFC have collectively many years of experience in managing, consulting to, and working for many varied businesses. They are seasoned in most aspects of business management and business consulting.

Develop Business Plans

Having performed extensively in various enterprise startups and business expansions, MFC's team is well equipped to create business plans and develop strategies for potentially contentious startups that may invoke significant paradigm shifts.

Monitor Information Systems

With extensive experience in systems design and analysis, MFC will design and implement fully automated monitoring systems to provide preventative and anticipatory guidance to each enterprise for which it functions. A networked "holographic" management process will link management staff from various enterprises to a common on-line meeting room where problems can find creative solutions from others free to suggest objective solutions.

The axiom "you can't fix the problems from within the mindset that created them", will take new meaning when management staff from unrelated businesses take on each others problems with no axes to grind about outcomes, except the pleasure of having found creative solutions to problems.