Mandala Village Foundation

Corporation Sole

The Charter for Mandala Village Foundation, which is established as a Corporation Sole, directs it to develop the physical project designed to fulfill the mission statement for Mandala Village. There are no owners or shareholders. The Overseer, who is advised by a council, directs its mandate.

The Office of the Sovereign (Overseer), a corporation sole and his successors, over/for Mandala Village Foundation an unincorporated Church Assembly, in the nature of Ecclesia.

Discipline III

The purpose of this corporation sole is to do those things which serve to promote Celestial values, the principles of Liberty and Justice, the study of the Creator's Spiritual and Scriptural Laws, the comfort, happiness and improvement of Man7, with special emphasis upon creation of spiritual and intentional communities, to ethically secure and demonstrate spiritual and scriptural principles of abundance, to direct these resources to qualified missions for the betterment of humanity, to help create, manage, and direct emerging capabilities that play important roles in transforming the world toward ecologically beneficial and sustainable lifestyles, concentrating on sustenance, and equitable distribution of essential resources to those in need, sheltering technologies, health and healing, sustainable and ethical agriculture, education, and cultural media programming, representing activities serving humanity's best long term interests while maintaining a commitment to spiritual, social, economic and environmental integrity, scriptural studies and research, along with education of those rights secured by YHVH (our Father in heaven) for all mankind and the development of the understanding of the laws and principles of YHVH for the benefit and behoof of the Members of the Assembly and the Community at large.

Discipline IV

All property tangible and/or intangible, material or intellectual, held by the above named corporation sole, i.e, The Office of the Sovereign (Overseer) a corporation sole and his successors, over/for Mandala Philanthropic Foundation, an unincorporated Church assembly, in the nature of Ecclesia, shall be held for the use, purpose, benefit and behoof of the Sovereign unincorporated Scriptural Assembly herein above-named as determined exclusively by the corporation sole without reservation to geographical location. The above-named corporation sole shall, have the power to contract in the same manner and to the same extent as any man, male or female, and may sue and be sued only in a court of Ecclesia, and may defend in all courts and places, in all matters and proceedings whatsoever, and shall have the authority to appoint attorneys in fact. It has in any venue and jurisdiction, authority to be given money in the manner of financial donations, to borrow money, give promissory notes therefore, to deal in any and every way in prime notes, noble metals) planchets, commercial liens, stamps, rare earths, mortgages, all manner of edge banking, own and/or operate banking interests and establishments in general or specifically, and to secure the payment of same by mortgage or other lien upon property, real and personal, enter into insurance and assurance agreements, own, buy or sell life insurance policies, and purchase and sell contracts and other commercial instruments. It shall have the authority to buy, sell, lease, mortgage and in every way deal in real, personal and mixed property in the same manner as a "natural person" or covenant child of YHVH. It may appoint legal counsel, licensed and/or unlicensed, but any professional or non-professional accounting services, legal or other counsel employed shall be utilized in a capacity never greater than subordinate co-counsel in any and all litigious matters whether private, corporate, local, national, or international, in order to protect the right of the corporation sole to address all courts, hearings, meetings, assemblies etc., as superior co-counsel.

Note on Legal structures.

Although we are presently progressing towards creating community under the auspices of Mandala Village Foundation, as above, we will of necessity research other possible avenues with which to hold properties and conduct the day-to-day business activities of each and all of the project aspects.

Therefore, we require the expertise of several attorneys at law, each specializing in various specialties, such as offshore financial law, constitutional law, corporate law, and so forth. Nominations/referrals will be accepted from participants.


Funds businesses

Mandala Village Foundation through a proprietary capital enhancement methodology will create funds to facilitate business development, acquire technologies, and other tasks within its mandate.

Collects dividends

MVF will participate directly in ventures it supports and from dividends acquired will expand its capital base assuring additional resources to expand the community portfolio of entrepreneurial activities.