Shelter and Housing


Residential Housing Preferred Method

Structures have been designed subject to engineering scrutiny that will be constructed of pre-formed, concrete-like earthen composite, called "Mira-Crete". Octagon-shaped, they are made with environmentally and constitutionally healthy aggregates.

The composite fabric making up the "Mira-Crete" material is a new and versatile polymer formula achieving full strength in but 48 hours (regular concrete 28 days). We are told a 2" thick wall composed of the new formula is much lighter than and stronger than an 8" standard concrete wall, and in tests conducted under laboratory conditions, the product proved it was able to withstand consecutive high velocity impacts. In addition to these remarkable traits, the new "Mira-Crete" product yields a whopping "R40" thermal resistance with a 4" thick wall, is impervious to "wicking" (conduction of moisture) while allowing the walls to breathe. This feature adds to the comfort of residents who prefer a more natural environment in which to live.

The technology is not yet under contract to Mandala Village and for that reason will remain confidential until it is so.

We have researched structural reinforcing extensively since living within a steel-reinforced grid-like structure violates the human body dynamics energetically; the new "Mira-Crete" material will revolutionize the construction industry since it eliminates the use of reinforcing iron.

As an adjunct to structural integrity, we found a glass fiber rebar made by Corning Corporation. This new, and patented "C-Bar" is reportedly, twice the strength of conventional steel reinforcing while only 1/2 the size and 1/2 the weight. Made of glass fiber from which "fiber-optic" cables are manufactured, there is no possibility of rebar rusting from "wicking", so common with steel reinforcing. This leads to fragmentation of the surrounding materials and subsequent decay.

Costing has not been compared. Energetically we must not put cost before health. The manufacturer has been contacted and is willing to produce the exact size and form our engineers specify.

Design Structure

Individual housing units (cells), will be eight-sided precast structures. (See drawings).

Individual housing units will be assembled into "Clusters" of eight cells. These eight cells, when assembled form a ninth cell (actually the center of the eight units). This ninth cell is actually the meeting point of the eight units and forms a common space. This space will be covered by a large dome of a new and clear material, called "PET", which can be opened during the summer and closed for heat retention in the winter. Its use can be for gardening and or playground.

Shtapatya-Ved is a desirable design form. Certain principles of SV design will be implemented although after exposure to SV proponents in action, the principles can invite fanaticism, which is unacceptable to our purpose. The general understanding of SV principles and planning bears more discussion later. Sthapatya Veda is believed to be superior to Feng Shui in regard to building / landscape design in tune with natural law.

Cost Considerations

Cost factors and differences in personal financial ability suggest we design "clusters" for more affordable housing, in three basic sizes. The features and finishes have included all amenities in a luxury theme, regardless of size of accommodation. Attention has been paid to every detail offering convenience and features found in "high-end" housing. Clusters, which when conceived as a method of community living can be called co-housing units, and is the prime consideration as method of construction.

A comprehensive design and job-cost analysis of all housing and community structures is complete, although dated. The study is confidential and subject to verification for current costs by a professional quantifier, and qualified purchasing agent, yet to be engaged professionally.

We have designed three sizes of housing clusters:

Larger luxury accommodation can be designed as individual requirements dictate, either in clusters or individually.

Our guidance indicates we are preparing for 359 2/3 people. When questioning this statement, our guidance stated humorously, "yes, one of the young ladies will be six months pregnant when she arrives".