Assignment, Sales or Leasing of Residential Units

One consideration is toward long term leasing from the Corporation Sole. This form is by far the most desirable, since it is important to maintain the integrity of the intention to populate the community with individuals most suited to the purpose of its creation. Residents will have a sense of ownership and the security of being in charge of their long-term experience with the assurances inherent in long term leasing.

We anticipate more applicants than the community will accommodate, and subsequently marketing will likely be a moot point.

The cost analysis includes a budget for sales. The founders will review this consideration.

Mandala Village is to be a place for families, singles and elders who wish to live and participate in the community. Residents agree privacy is important and our aim is to achieve a balance between group space and personal space. We will strive to create a genuinely nurturing sense of community.

Development Costs

Individual community residents and supporters alike may apply for financing from MVF, through the Mandala Village Savings and Credit Union. We will design financing packages to avoid or eliminate the need for commercial capital (banks, mortgage company funds, etc.), in this way financial problems which may face community members can be resolved within the community without old paradigm confiscatory methods.

Community Financing

Optimally, with the MVF capital increase program, we will create a debt-free development and society. Members will share the long-term responsibility of management and maintenance by assessment means to be decided by its founding members. At present we have a proven program returning adequate amounts to supply all our short and long-term requirements.

Several methods of creating a community-based financial structure are available. These include but are not limited to incorporating from within, the Mandala Village Community Credit Union, and the LETS System of barter and exchange. Either or both may be integrated into the day-to-day financial activities of our community.