Human Resources


We intend to develop and incorporate communications systems integrated throughout the community (a LAN or Intranet).  Significant research has been conducted into this area and both technologies and expertise in high-tech communications is prolific. Significant consideration will be given to privacy of communications.

Community Skills Bank

Detailed resumes are requested from each candidate / applicant requesting information about Mandala Village. 

A database including information about each community resident will contain developed skills, to have available a broad profile of available talents at a flick of a keystroke. In the event skills are required on any community projects: person A can weld, airbrush, paint, sew petti-point, and sing; person B can boil a pot of tea, wrestle steers, create pottery, conduct an orchestra, wire brush mag wheels, etc... these persons can be approached to support the project by participating or simply in an advisory capacity. We want to collect this information to form a database on the "Community Resources Infobank". Everyone can access it to encourage amongst other things, right mentorship, as well as progressive creation of individuals' dreams.



All participants contributing to the development of Mandala Village will be supported in  proportion to their contribution. Mandala Village Foundation has created a private pension plan for Mandala Village residents and supporters. It is the policy of Mandala Village founders that everyone should enjoy the freedom of having the basics of life support, such as food clothing and shelter provided, thus eliminating the struggle for survival while pursuing self-discovery and one's life purpose.

All staff will be offered ample financial support, and will be brought on board in a prioritized manner. 

In the on-going operation of the completed community compensation will be offered relative to the tasks accepted, together with a bonus based on performance and on increase in value of assets under administration. The entire business of managing the community runs on the objective of leaving the world in better shape than before. Long term planning objectives will be set with 1, 4, 12, and 36 year periods.

This concept will carry forward and expand to become a new remuneration model for community management.

Residency/Membership Qualifications

We believe that we are each uniquely gifted. Members of our community may not have yet  discovered their gifts or their life purpose at the time of choosing membership or residency. The essence of a commitment to discover themselves, to walk the path of their Spirit, is the pre-requisite to membership in Mandala Village. Each candidate for residency is willing to risk discovery. Our founding members will examine the issues of membership, and establish criteria from which to evaluate candidates.

We have developed a questionnaire (still in process) that will qualify candidates substantially for residency, and will be reviewed by an expert in psychological profiling.

Resource Personnel

Each of us knows people with a wide variety of skills. In our upcoming meetings we will consolidate our lists of contacts that may assist in the planning, building and subsequently the population of Mandala Village. Please bring these lists with you when our schedule calls for this information.


We believe because of the economies of scale, a single marketing team whose joy it is to explore and market goods and services of all kinds may be a reasonable approach to giving the productivity of our community a wider exposure.

Darren Beddard - Founder

Skilled as a builder-developer, Darren is also a Spiritual Psychotherapist, an acknowledged multi-disciplined healer, entrepreneur and visionary. His mandate to actualize Mandala Village was given as a result of four and a half years of isolation, meditation, deep introspection and fasting. On December 30th 1984 the community was revealed to him as an event necessary to manifest a prototypical community for the new Millennium. His studies of "A Course In Miracles" have taken him into the global theater as a healer, public speaker, and spiritual guide.