Mandala Village Foundation invites you to participate in the initial planning, presentation and creative actualization of a high-tech prototypical community for the next millennium. Respecting ancient Vedic law in the planning and development of the Mandala Village Community, a truly holistic lifestyle will develop to benefit all who participate in its creation, and subsequent use. The community will serve as a model for other developments.

Mandala Village is to be located in a valley surrounded by majestic mountain ranges in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with sufficient water and arable land available nearby to sustain an agrarian based community that will be self-sufficient with its food production.

The Mandala Village community will integrate new technologies, nature, knowledge and spiritual consciousness, synergistically into a comfortable and secure living and working environment.

The land will be held in a perpetual trust ensuring its integrity. The Mandala Village community will have as its mandate to ensure utmost care is given to maintain balance with nature and the land's resources.

All buildings and construction will integrate new technologies, materials and methods. New energy producing devices will ensure abundant energy for present and future needs, with each building having autonomy respecting energy production.

The focal points of this community will be five-fold:

First: a prototypical residential housing community concept using revolutionary materials and designs, representing a "back-to-self-reliance" attitude, integrating agriculture, sustainable development and natural living concepts.

Second: a healing centre where "Akę-Theosophy" (healing from God) is applied. This new healing method will integrate conventional (crisis intervention) medicine with a wide array of energetic, complementary and preventive healthcare modalities.

Third: an educational institution "The Great Western Metaphysical University" that will deliver both on-campus, satellite broadcast, and on-line courses in natural healing and metaphysical studies.

Fourth: a "Global Communication Centre" that facilitates television and cinematic productions, based on a fine arts performance and broadcast centre. This centre will incorporate satellite up-link communication systems and, according to our planners, will represent a new benchmark for the broadcast and film industry. Connected to Mandala Village, and the Great Western Metaphysical University by fibre-optic systems, the delivery of healing tools and studies in metaphysics will become an global collaboration.

Fifth: an entrepreneurial development facility that will focus on developing new energy technologies and ecological industrial projects. A wide variety of products or services will be evaluated and, according to their merit, financed, developed for distribution and licensed or marketed to appropriate venues.

If you are drawn to support this vision, whether long term or short term, whether with personal expertise or in the form of financial support, please contact us. We have developed means to create consistent "Win-Win" methods to reward participation and support.