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Mandala Village location to be announced
we are exploring several options
Mandala Village Foundation Suite 701 - 916 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1K7
Mandala Financial Consulting S.A. offshore address

Thank you for thinking of contacting us. Your intention to work on manifesting the Mandala Village Vision is much appreciated. We would like to bring this thought to your attention:

"Objections are what we see when we take our eye off the goal!"

With this thought in mind, please understand that postings of points of view that disclose some  conspiracy or an evil or some negative condition do not resonate with our focus. We are aware of many. Your points of view respecting positive solutions to right-living or technological improvements are not only welcome, they're encouraged.

Thank you for your consideration, co-operation, and contributions.

Telephone (604) 484-5290 or (505) 930-7001
Fax (775) 600-1004