Here are links to how we thought the Y2K was going to unfold. Boy were we wrong!  Intros  - Has Y2K overview, and touches upon the food problem.  - clear info  - best nitty-gritty  - Merril/Lynch overview - vanilla  - absolute vanilla  - mechanical engineering overview - vanilla  - Gary North essay - complete overview - will not sit well with some readers  - covers everything, links and essays  - pure disinformation, best if you are in total denial  - good, and has chat room  - Peter Harris' page Utilities  - juice, grids, nukes, business impact - this guy has the best overview around  - article  - Nuclear Regulatory Commission  - Proposed letter to Nukes  - article  - form letters, essays on chips, activism Banks  - Federal Reserve Board  - Bank of International Settlements  - Securities and Exchange Commission, a must read, sobering  - Markets and banks - J P Morgan  - overview and banks  - Greenspan, this link won't last long.  - Greenspan, this link won't last long.  - Yardeni's y2k reporter site. A must.

Telecommunications  - follow the links IRS/Govt  - big worthwhile eye opener, 125 pages .pdf file  - OMB  - FAA  - USAF  - FAA/ATC  - Canadian Govt Auditors Report THE - US DOI, links, newsletters  - CIO doc links Embedded chips  - Royal Dutch Shell  - electrical engineers Chips and Systems  - US Navy's 'hit list' Health Care  General  - no punches pulled  - 1st qtr 98 US Govt report card 

Miscellaneous  - Calif White Paper, absolute reference for remediation time tables and relative costs  - Gary North Links and Forums, best links assemblage by subject around. If you read just the links in each category you will understand y2k.Great archives.  - best press clippings and archives page around, if you read a full year's archives you will understand y2k  - links to the US Army Info War projections - easy to use table of contents, each section of each chapter has hyperlink - check out Anthrax and Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers  - Currency info Contingency, Community, Emergency Preparedness

Ready Reserve Foods Long Shelf-Life Food, AlpineAire Gourmet Reserves Shelf Stable Food, Portable Water Filters, Garden Seeds, Aerobic Water Purification Drops 

Emergency Preparedness:  

Building Community:  - non-electric appliance and tool source  - mail order bulk food  - Intentional Communities  - Disaster Relief Organizations  - Seeds