To create a sovereign and sustainable community that integrates spiritual consciousness, technology and environmental responsibility, in which members freely express and support individual and collective giftedness cooperatively, valuing integrity above all else, while living their lives in a seamless alchemical marriage of inner nature and public identity, with a clear integration of work, play, and the life of Spirit.

Mandala, being a circular form, provides a center of focus and attention, 
and describes the relationship between man and the universe.

We have developed a walk-through presentation that will illustrate our vision.

This website is a work in progress, built from contributions of people who felt inspired to share their time and energy to advance the idea of Mandala Village. It started as a vision of one persistent individual, and with your support it will move closer to manifesting.

Your input and comments about the form and content of this website are invited, and your ideas, and especially your participation in the act of creation of this community, are welcome. 

We are working on creating financial support for our founding members, and on establishing a charitable foundation. 

Contact us for more information.

Recent changes to the website:

Healing Waters of the World

Colours of Mandala