Mandala Financial Consulting S.A. has purchased the manufacturing license to produce and market a new technology called "Low Temperature Phase Change" heat pump. It functions essentially as "refrigeration-in-reverse". Just as a refrigerator removes heat from an enclosed environment, (the ice box), the LTPC reverses this process, storing the heat, for use in applications such as under floor heating, and thermal production for greenhouse activities.


Once again, energy requirements for any application will be addressed easily.


Mandala Village will offer an environmental and community design minimizing the use of carbon-based transportation vehicles, in favor of alternative technologies.

With the successful negotiation for the rights and use of "Mira-Crete" we can provide long-lasting roads, and community walkways, inexpensively. Our development plan includes substantial allowance for high-tech infrastructure development. There is an abundance of aggregate on the property to supply long-term production of "Mira-Crete" with but a few material components to be warehoused for future production.


Water access and reuse (drinking, bathing, agricultural, 'industrial', energy, laundry) is a strategic resource to manage. With new and proven technology promised to Mandala Village, we have the methodology to restore the energetic integrity of water, both before and after its use. In this manner, we add no pollutants to nature's bio-systems, nor do we consume any.

Waste disposal and recycling (human, industrial, general day-to-day living) is incorporated into energy production systems, and or recycled into building materials.

Waste Management

One of the technologies we have been exposed to suggests the possibility of generating substantial amounts of electrical energy from the consumption of all manner of waste products, from sewage to auto bodies. We are looking into this as the most desirable form of waste management.

Notwithstanding, the organic forms of waste will be recycled wherever possible, and composted as appropriate.