The Undecided Future Of Multidimensional Mankind

Part One: The Problem

By Diane Harvey 

The relatively immediate future for any individual is easy enough to predict. We are here for a while, and then we are not. Since the realms beyond the physical plane are capacious, and life goes on abundantly, what we call death is the least of our worries. Our real problem is the future of our species in incarnation on this planet.

This material, physical plane where we find ourselves now has many hidden properties and purposes which are as yet unknown by the vast majority of incarnating souls. Nothing is, in reality, merely as it appears. The surprises in store for the human race are far more profound than any which have come before. And it is a matter of utmost urgency that mankind become as conscious as possible of existence as it really is.

Mankind is not, on the whole, living in reality. Those who are sufficiently awake are acutely and painfully aware of this. There have always been souls in incarnation who were more conscious than the majority, and who therefore lived out their lives within the confines of a vast predicament. But what was once a personal problem to solve, and a matter of individual spiritual adjustment, has now become a planetary emergency.

The relation between the more conscious individuals in the human kingdom and the many less awakened has now become a critical matter. What we call Life is a unified field, and no particle of reality is separate from it, or from any other particle. Those who press on ahead can only do so in the overall context of human spiritual progress as a whole. Individuals are able to consciously undertake their own evolutionary development here only if the main body of mankind is relatively stable and sane according to its own current evolutionary level. And at present, this great requirement is being directly manipulated in order to divert humanity from the path of spiritual evolution altogether.

The majority of human beings on Earth are now undergoing forced devolution. Throughout history, the choice to travel away from the light was always available in any given incarnation. In the past, this was a matter of conscious free will, and of making decisions from the level of one s own awareness. We then experienced the meaning of our choices through living with the results. This resulted in genuine learning. Whoever is now on the Path of Return has previously tasted the bitter fruits of dark choices, and for that very reason turned willingly back toward the light. But this crucial element of free will in living and learning is now being subverted at the very root.

The only purpose of evil, or ultimate unreality, is to provide necessary contrast to reality, so that the free will of a human being can exercise itself through choice, and thereby grow in wisdom. This element of free will is embryonic in much of mankind as yet, and can easily be blunted, distorted, diverted and paralyzed. This happens in some degree to everyone, for that matter, over and over again. An important part of the evolutionary process so far has been for the individual to learn to withstand the pressures of other human beings opposing his or her own evolutionary best interests. But until now, the intervals between incarnations have sufficed to assimilate such lessons, and we have reincarnated refreshed, eager to resume the struggle to manifest our spiritual selves here.

Critical and relatively recent changes have dangerously altered the fundamental state of normal evolutionary affairs on this planet. The underlying cause of this is so dark in intent, content and extent that most people have not yet even begun to suspect how deeply their world has been transformed out from under them. The subversion of the evolutionary path of mankind has been delicately and incrementally accomplished. A close study of the last fifty years will slowly reveal how this was done, and how this degraded world-view was made superficially attractive as a preliminary to making it compulsive.

No deliberate distortion of evolution, however powerful, can appear entirely out of nowhere. There has obviously always been latent potential for darkness, embodied in one form or another, to grasp the reins of existent evil on Earth and drive a significant portion of mankind into the ground. So far, this has required the conscious or at least partially conscious cooperation of a number of participating human beings. What we must understand, above all else, is that advances in direct technological manipulation of the human mechanism are now able to short-circuit even rudimentary processes of choice.

An individual has always been able to ignore the voice of his or her conscience: this is the greatest gift of the Creator to the human species. In the long process of evolution through the human kingdom, we have all, of our own free will, experienced trading the inner voice of truth for outward safety, comfort, and temporal power. By reaping the inevitably painful results of our self- serving choices, we are driven eventually to seek the reality of the spiritual life of our own free will. No coercion, shaming, forcing, browbeating, or imposition of any authority of any kind can cause the human soul to genuinely seek God s Beauty, Goodness and Truth. Only joyfully returning the gift to the Giver, out of one s own mature free will, is of any value either to the Creator or the creation. Cooperating with the spiritual laws of the universe through ripened and grateful understanding is the ultimate destiny of humanity as a kingdom in nature. Such a destiny carries a potential for multidimensional creativity and joy that far surpasses the human capacity for speech.

Yet this destiny, the divine birthright of the human race, is being turned into its polar opposite by the most powerfully equipped and united forces of pure evil which have ever existed on the face of the Earth. All beings evolve toward their ultimate end, whether on the path of light or the path of darkness. Consciously evil entities also live and learn. Through its embodiments, evil itself discovers new ways of circumventing the inevitable dissolution of its temporary forms in time and space. And what the forces of darkness have engineered lately is a vast network of human beings willing to go down the black path toward the wholesale enslavement of mankind through coercive technology.

It is not only the conscience of individual persons at stake now, but far beyond this, the actual normal daily-life consciousness of mankind. The distinct still small voice of conscience, the voice of the soul reaching through the mind, must traverse normal awareness in order to be heard at all. It is only still and small because the typical human mind is not yet listening to it closely. When human awareness is fastened day and night to the drive for ego satisfactions, then nothing will be heard beyond this din. But as long as basic awareness is not seriously tampered with in primary physiological, emotional or mental levels, then individual free will remains undisturbed. In this condition, people are still perfectly free to choose their actions, feelings and thoughts, and experience the consequences.

Once the chemical, genetically engineered, and electromagnetic alteration of humanity becomes ubiquitous and compulsory, the basic normal consciousness of mankind will be lost. If this happens, there will be no avenue left for the conscience or soul to reach down and touch the human heart and mind at all. At that point, the spiritual evolution of mankind in incarnation on this planet will cease. We live on the brink of an abyss into which our entire species may be precipitated if we do not awaken in sufficient numbers to prevent it.

To Be Continued in Part Two: The Potential