A church as a lawful community forum

The following article suggests possibilities for MVF to explore the formation of a form of "Church" from which members of the community can experience benefits and freedoms not possible otherwise. The existence of equivalent legislation/laws in Canada, pertaining to the article below, will be explored.

"It's impossible to have religious freedom in any nation where churches are licensed to the government." Congressman George Hansen, forward to In Caesar's Grip, by Peter Kershaw.

Is your church government licensed? If your church is a 501c3 and/or incorporated as a non-profit organization, that's exactly what it is. Did you know that the IRS acknowledges "churches are automatically tax-exempt and tax deductible without applying for 501c3 recognition"?

Are you fed up with political correctness in church? Are you tired of having your tax-exempt status used by the government as a means of preventing you from speaking to the vital issues of the day?

The National Unlicensed Church Conference is for you! Come and learn how to organize a free-church. If you'd like to receive a brochure of materials about free-churches, email your address to: mercyseat@mercyseat.net , or call 262-675-2804, or info@hushmoney.org  and request the "UCC email brochure".