World Energy

Message from Kryon

Some have asked, "Kryon, what about the world environment? What are we supposed to do for energy in the future that won't deplete our resources, or spoil our delicate environmental balance?"

Dear ones, we are going to reiterate something we've said before, for there is a potential at hand for you to use energy resources that we have asked you to investigate many times before in the past ten years. You have not done so yet, for the wisdom marker was not yet passed, and there didn't seem to be an emergency. Now you will begin to understand the wisdom in these words.

There are two sources that we will give you again, and they represent the answers to creating much of the energy production on Earth. Both of the sources are abundant. Both of them are free, and neither of them will deplete any resource anywhere on the globe. They have been with you from the beginning and have been given to you for your discovery. Yet they have not been developed and used even though they are both obvious and are with you all the time.

The first and grandest one is the gift of your moon, and what it does to your oceans. Most of the population of the earth lives near coastlines on the various continents. The majority of the population is grouped in cities around the coastlines. Right where you need the greatest creation of electrical power, there happens to be tons and tons of push/pull energy that comes and goes on a schedule that is well understood and is consistent. This vast energy pushes and pulls and begs you to use it to create the hydroelectric conversion for clean production of electricity. Compared to the technology you have elected to use for nuclear power, this one is technically easy.

Physically, you've had the mechanical inventions for this conversion for a very long time. Basic physics can be applied to take the push and pull of the wave actions and tides and turn the wheels for the generators. The biggest wheels you can conceive of can be turned with the tons of pressure available to you at the shoreline. And you can count on that push-pull action to the end of time! What a resource, yet development is in its infancy. It's free and never becomes exhausted. It does not deplete a natural resource, and it's been placed where you need it the most. Many think that the moon was given for Humans to gaze at by those in love. [Laughter] Listen! You needed it to create the tides for a moment like this! That was the intent all along. Let the inventions begin that will harness it. [ed. note: I saw a TV program where they were developing one of these in England somewhere...]

Here's another one: Think of the time and expense on your planet that has been spent on creating heat for steam - Steam that spins electric generators. We speak now about your work with nuclear energy. Think of the resources it has taken, the risk, and the problems you now have as a result of what you've done. Think of the time expended to create just one of these energy producing facilities. Think of the short time it can be in service, and then compare it to the disappointment that you can never again use that land for anything! What does one of those facilities actually do? It creates heat for steam. That's all it does.

We have given you the answer to heat generation before. If you want to create steam - lots of it - there is an engine that will be around long after humanity is gone. It's an engine that is producing heat for this planet, and all you have to do is dig! Dig far enough down and you'll find it. For the promise is this: No matter where you dig on Earth, if you dig far enough, you will find heat! Why not take some of the resources that it took to build the atomic engines and instead research solutions to the difficulties extracting heat from the depths of the ground and converting it to steam? How long is the heat going to last? Forever! And it's been there as long as Earth has, and will remain there as long a Earth does, and it's for you. Use the heat engine that we gave you!

We give you these two examples and again invite you to develop them. This is the answer to energy for the planet! It will not deplete any part of nature, will not change the temperature of the earth, nor put anything into the air. It's free, clean, and it's from your partner, the planet Earth. You wonder about your partnership with the planet? Take a good look. It sits there waiting for you to discover and develop it.

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