Leadership And Social Structures

Fleming wrote:

"I believe that a lot of what we need in evolving the new methods of organization required for a new civilization can be learned from the biological world and from the forces of evolution.

The most fundamental trick evolution has is the automation of vital metabolic functions of organisms. If we are, as Fleming says, "destined to embody another level of evolution", there has to be an analogous achievement in human social organization. I suggest that this is the automatic and institutional provision of all bio-necessities of individuals making up society. In other words, a society will have taken an evolutionary quantum leap when its individual components do not need to worry about "making a living" first and doing all the really important things second, if they have any resources left to do them with.

Fleming reports that one of the "Nine Laws of God" compiled by Kevin Kelly is:


If everything is connected to everything else in a distributed network, everything happens at once. This means that complex issues can be taken care of without the need for a centralized authority, which would just act as a bottleneck. Overall governance arises from a multitude of independent acts done in parallel. Control comes from the bottom and up, from simple, independent acts. Faced with rapid, massive and complex change, only such an organization is able to adjust/adapt well enough.

I translate the above Law in terms of social organization and into a political creed that allows people follow their hearts desire focuses education's main purpose as to help people find their hearts desire recognizing this purpose automatically reduces teacher-student ratios by letting people teach because they want to teach not because they are "qualified" allows people to do their own thing and pay them for it, even if they do not do it very well All this depends on letting people live, that is, giving people the "means" of life, i.e. unconditional income enough to live on. The Mandala Village community development plan embraces this most lofty goal, not with a Utopian "Pie-In-The-Sky" approach, but with a proven ability to create the resource-base that allows for individual empowerment through financial freedom.

Utopian? Not at all. Just common sense in the new civilization (which I assume, will remain based on hi-tech-driven economic processes). Come let's take Bucky Fuller seriously for once.

This is my answer to the question: how would a principle like "...honoring and cultivating the diversity and multiplicity of approaches amongst us ... welcoming all the unworkable paths we explore on the way to finding what works..." work out in social/economic/political practice in our new civilization?

Until most recently there was just one difficulty with my answer:

"The change required could not come about without the natural resources that are at the moment controlled by agencies of the Old Civilization."

Provided the confidentiality of the Mandala Village Foundation remains unbroken, the means to provide for an economically unfettered reality will continue to manifest the progressive realization of "Heaven on Earth", as our spiritual mandate unfolds.

Today, realizing, facing and recognizing the limitations of this "current reality", is but an illusion we collectively "bought into", affords us the opportunity to, in the words of Gaviotas' author, "REINVENT THE WORLD". Now, the idea of a New Civilization is no longer an unrealizable dream.

Let us review a lesson from the workbook of A Course In Miracles:

"There's nothing my holiness cannot do".

People must have the freedom to choose what they want to do and who they want to do it with. The central intention of Mandala Village is to collect individuals of high enough consciousness and enough diversity of experience and expertise to create synergistically, a bio-system of human dynamics that maintain integrity through their diversity. Humankind's history over the past 6000 years is about some humans trying to stamp out the diversity among other humans. This always causes great and needless suffering.

Guidelines to avoid this:

If other people are planning to do something different or even doing something different from "Mandy", it is not dangerous to "Mandy's" well being.

However, if the plans and works of these other people involve "Mandy" without accommodating her differences, the plans and works are dangerous to "Mandy's" well being.

If these other people are warned that their plans and works affect the well being of "Mandy", and they still persist in their ways, they have lost their integrity. As a result they cannot be given any assistance. Furthermore, whatever proceeds from them, should be scrutinized in the minutest detail for failures. In fact, we are told in this new societal age, the energies of this behavior will quickly and effectively bring about self-rectification as human Karma becomes more and more linked by cause-and-effect in time and space.