Energy Revolution

Get Informed About Clean, Low-Cost Energy. Solutions to energy problems are already invented - all we require is the political will to put these solutions into widespread practice! To get the big picture, check out Jeane Manning's book The Coming Energy Revolution (Avery Publishing of New York, ISBN # 0-89529-713-2. $12.95 US., available through bookstores and libraries.)

"This may be one of the most important books you will read," writes Brian O'Leary, Ph.D. "It describes progress in making available what many of us in the scientific community believe will change the face of the earth...We finally will be able to get off the power grid."

"A comprehensive review of the fascinating possibilities emerging for an age of decentralized, renewable and non-polluting energy sources," says Environmental journalist Kevin Sanders, New York.

Canadian author Jeane Manning recently gave a brief update:

Deregulation woes take our attention away from the big picture. It's not only the high dollar cost of today's choices; the cost is also in health. Burning of fuels takes oxygen from our air, and don't think that any carbon-based fuel is clean-burning. Methanol is better than fossil fuels, but it's still carbon-based. Widespread use of it in fuel cells would be a bad idea -- a methanol spill could contaminate ground water. It is a poison.

However, there are new low-energy ways to split hydrogen from water. Hydrogen is not a carbon fuel. So fuel cells can be truly clean and rivers can be un-polluted at the same time! But decision-makers need the guts to put at least a tiny slice of research and development money, and think tank time, into the logistics of a changeover to a hydrogen economy. The hardware is already invented.

Hydrogen-from-water can power cars, furnaces, generators and fuel cells with zero pollution. Hydrogen's technical problems such as storage do have answers, i.e. carbon-fiber storage tanks. Or better yet, generating hydrogen on demand -- making the fuel in your car or furnace and only when you need it.

Further down the road are paradigm-busting electromagnetic systems that employ new physics. You could have a little portable device with no moving parts that could power a home! We could travel that road quickly if everyone cooperated... A change of consciousness is needed, and then energy abundance will be used responsibly to create jobs and clean up our planet. Envision it!

"The Coming Energy Revolution is an inspiring book...presenting a host of exceptional inventors, thinkers, philosophers and physicists." Spirit of Change magazine.