Mandala Village Aquaculture

The site for Mandala Village provides a runway for two glacier-fed, year-round running streams. The cold fast-running water will provide perfect conditions for a commercial operation, where we intend to create a full-cycle operation, from egg to market. Our initial enquiries into fish-farming suggests we can successfully raise Arctic Char, several species of trout, and possibly Kokanee. We will conduct feasibility studies from which informed decisions will be made.

There are two small lakes on the future site that will support aquaculture once they are properly conditioned using aerating pumps and water energizing equipment.

What enthuses the writer about the fisheries operations is the profound application of new technologies to monitor the growth processes and integrates new computer-controlled optical scanning systems. Together with new "Vortex" pumps, designed, prototyped and offered exclusively to Mandala Village Aquaculture, we believe the finished product will not only be produced with significant production cost advantage, but a superior product, with less likelihood of infections and diseases that plague conventional producers.

Our markets are easily defined. We will market to restaurants and supermarkets, as well as other communities through barter and trade processes.