Construction Technologies


Outstanding Specifications The Miracrete material is lightweight and is reported to be only 30% weight of regular concrete. It is strong, bullet proof as proven in controlled tests, crack resistant, and fast curing. It takes only 6 hours to set, and 48 hours to full cure.
Applications Miracrete will be used in housing, roads, and bridges.
Manufacturing We have an opportunity to invest in the global distribution of this new and remarkable building material. Having much to accomplish in creating the prototypical community with this product we are satisfied to create a local production plant only.
Sales Licensed manufacturers will be set up as partnerships in each local market with exclusive market territories to maintain business viability. We will select local players that are ready to embrace the new concepts and create joint-venture partnerships with them.


Material Properties MiraSheet is a Glass reinforced material made from from recycled plastic pop bottles. It is lightweight (mostly air), and has remarkable thermal insulation qualities, (R40 in 1/2 inch layer). We anticipate using this material in single-pane applications for windows and skylights, and in a thermal-forming process for greenhouse components.

Our agreements are tentative at this time and engineering studies will have to be conducted to prove the applications we intend are indeed facilitated with this new material.

Modules The greenhouse design we have completed features only three main parts: A straight side, a curved arch, and a cap. This creates a dome-shaped structure easily adapted for various applications.

Characteristics: Sheets can be manufactured in either clear or opaque form and in almost any color. The material is easy to work with and we foresee applications for greenhouses, barns, garages, emergency shelters and other applications in residential and commercial construction.

Each module is under 70 lbs, and uses standard replaceable parts. The materials are fully recyclable.

Sheet The rolling mills suggest they will have available, sheet-goods suitable for roofing, partitions, and flooring by early to mid 2002.
Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution With the material and suitable sheets readily available, we intend to manufacture and market and distribute our new greenhouse designs as well as other forms of shelter.