Mandala Village Greenhouses

Modular Buildings

As humanity progresses into the "new dispensation" new and ever more innovative inventions, materials and designs will emerge.

We have created a new design, superior in our opinion to any other on the market, though admittedly, there are many options presenting themselves lately.

Our greenhouse project will showcase the new structures as well as evolve to commercial production levels, raising what we intend to be "Certified Organic" foodstuffs for mainstream grocers.

Initial financial reviews suggest the likelihood of organic food crops at equivalent prices to the destructive, pesticide/fertilized norm.

MVG has only three very lightweight parts, (70 lbs. for the heaviest), can be assembled easily by unskilled labor, and all parts are universal therefore can be replaced quite easily if/when damaged.

Using the material in clear form, the new structures will provide a growing environment at dramatic cost savings to other greenhouse operations since the proven R-40 thermal heat-loss barrier is unsurpassed today. Cycling the captured hot water from the LTPC systems, we will essentially have heat for the greenhouses at no costs other than infrastructure costs.

Light is essential to growing quality foods. In addition to the high volume of annual sunshine the valley offers, we will have a very inexpensive light source from the LTPC systems. In conjunction with Mandala Village's fisheries operations, the filtration project will supply filtered organic waste for field crops as well as for greenhouse production.


Carlson Sonic Bloom

MVF, holding a franchise for Sonic Bloom will undertake studies to prove the claims of remarkable, large healthy plants, large yields and food of very high-energy content. We intend to make use of the Sonic Bloom organic plant feeding process as our primary crop support system while we develop our own system from ongoing research.

Pureganic Minerals

Pureganic Mineral powder rich in m-state elements from a supplier in the Utah is available to dramatically increase the nutritional value of the foods grown in hydroponic environments enriched by this powder.